The project

The Project

Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is a beautiful city in the Paris region with 35,000 inhabitants (2015 census). It takes its name from being located at the confluence of two major rivers: the Seine and the Oise.
As the capital of the inland waterway industry, Conflans was and remains an important river port with several surrounding municipalities that share the charm of this geographical location: Achères on the left bank of the Seine, Andrésy and Maurecourt to the west, Éragny-sur-Oise and Neuville-sur-Oise to the north, and Herblay-sur-Seine to the east.
It is in this setting that the witness of Jesus Christ is perpetuated through the Evangelical Protestant Church established since 1958.
On a 750M² plot of land, the congregation at the time had two buildings installed in the form of wooden chalets: a main building used as a worship hall with a capacity of 70 seats and a smaller chalet for other activities.
For some years now, this chapel has become too narrow for our services and even more so for ceremonies with an outside audience such as baptisms, weddings...
As the young prophets said to Elisha in 2 Kings 6:1, we too say to the Lord: "The place where we sit before you is too small for us"
And like them, we want to go (with HIM) to cut wood to build bigger. And so the project of a new building was born. In view of future developments, this new building is designed to take into account the current and future needs of our community:
 A 300-seat worship hall
 Additional rooms for children’s, youth and ladies’ activities
 Office space
 An apartment for a pastoral family
The method of financing that has inspired us is the participatory method: we have divided the estimated budget of 600.000€ (Six Hundred Thousand Euros) that we need into 20.000 (Twenty Thousand) shares of 30€ each.
Our prayer to the Lord is to touch the hearts of 20,000 donors, so that the axe that fell into the water will float (2 Kings 6:6).
We invite you to be part of these 20,000 workers, wherever you are.